This Association is the only one organization in Japan with expertise in working environment measurement and control of it based on the result of the measurement.

The Japan Association for Working Environment Measurement is a nonprofit and only one public service corporation established in 1979 on the basis of Article 36 of the Working Environment Measurement Law as instructed by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, for the purpose of contributing to the improvement of measurement taking by the three parties through an assemblage of experts in work environment measuring, working environment measurement agencies and employers who perform working environment measurement using their own experts, and maintaining the dignity of working environment measurement experts.

Technical Paper :
May 2010 Working Environment Measurement System in Japan (PDF file; 107KB)
Jan 2010 Occupational Safety and Health And The Role of Experts in Japan (PDF file; 150KB)
Nov 2009 Points of "Guidelines for Risk Assessment" (Labor and Welfare Minister's Notification (PDF file; 140KB)
Aug 2009 Points of Industrial Accident Prevention Plan "11th Industrial Accident Prevention Plan of Japan from 2008 to 2012" (PDF file; 107KB)
[Date of revision]
Oct.2004, Apr 2005,
Sep 2005, Oct 2007
The Role of Work Environment Control for the Prevention of Occupational Diseases in Japan, from the viewpoint of the experiences of Japan (PDF file; 732KB)
Jun 2005 (IOHA Newsletter Vol.13 No.2) Training Course for Evaluation of Asbestos in Bulk Materials (PDF file; 144KB)

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